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El Comediante

Photo by Kitchen Konfidence

Kitchen Konfidence recently posted a wonderful article featuring my cocktail El Comediante. Kitchen Konfidence comes highly recommended. It’s an excellent source of inspiration.

This cocktail is a recipe I created for the Nicaraguan restaurant La Finca y El Mar. I recently went down to their beautiful restaurant and trained their bar staff and created their cocktail menu. El Comediante has been one of their most popular cocktails to date.

Photo by Rancho Santana


Add your rum, ginger syrup, lime juice, and ice into a shaker. Shake and strain into an ice filled highball glass. Top with approximately 1 oz of ginger ale and then float a little red wine on top. Garnish with fresh mint for aroma.

8 Notes on El Comediante

  1. I LOVE bell pepper in cocktails! i should def make more and after reading this i get inspired! long ago i made a real nice cocktail with muddled bell pepper. Nice drink and nice post!

  2. Red bell pepper infused rum, interesting. I can’t recall ever seeing that before. Any kind of bell pepper probably works. Does it give it a slight sweetness with the pepper smell? No heat, I assume.

  3. I made this with a “well” rum and it turned out wonderful. Made this cocktail as well, probably one of the most unique cocktails I ever tasted. I got mixed reviews from everyone at work which I figured would happen, but most loved it. It made the drink menu and I can’t wait for the guest to try it. Thank you so much!

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