— No. 139 —

Willett Distillery

I recently had the experience of following around the distiller of my favorite distillery with my buddies and some camera equipment. We were there when the distiller opened the doors until he packed it up for the day. Willett was nice enough to give us free rein of the grounds and we got to witness each nuance of the process.

— No. 125 —

Absente Video

Are the in-laws coming over to your place for a little holiday get together? The North Star is the perfect way to turn an awkward holiday party around, loosening everyone up and getting the vibe a bit more festive. The North Star is a cocktail I came up with for Crillon Importer’s product Absente, Absinthe Refined. As you may already be aware absinthe and cream go together nicely. The kirschwasser adds a cherry note to this cocktail and of course …

— No. 106 —

Magellan Gin Video

The first in our series of three videos stars Magellan Gin. I make my most popular cocktail, the Cucumberous, at the famous Brewer’s Art bar in Baltimore, Maryland. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next two videos featuring Absente. Cheers!

— No. 94 —

Satin Doll

This is the first of many WEBisodes to come. I’m excited to present more videos in the future and hope you find them helpful. If you’ve ever wanted to make Post Prohibition original cocktails at home this is a great tutorial on how to do so. That Satin Doll has a wonderful presentation, making it a sure fire crowd pleasure at holiday get-togethers. Cheers! Get the full recipe »

— No. 48 —

Libation Lounge

Post Prohibition is a sensory step into a bygone era, every thing from classic cocktails with a modern twist to prohibition era style music softly playing in the background. Our events are optimal for enthusiasts who demand more of their bar experience. Here is a preview of our Libation Lounge event at the Gin Mill where we invent contemporary cocktails with bold spirits, liqueurs, bitters and brilliant techniques for our guests to enjoy. Special thanks to ChangeUp Magazine for capturing the …