Original Recipe No. 144 —

The Bearcat


This cocktail is a fiery little number so it seemed fitting to call her “The Bearcat” — a 1920’s slang term for a feisty, hot-blooded gal. The Bearcat has quickly become a favorite companion during the summer thunderstorms, and I’m already looking forward to bringing her back out in the autumn and winter months.

The vegetal attributes of Cynar, matched with the sweet heat of the Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, come together here for a unique and enticing flavor profile. The mezcal rinse draws you in with its smokiness while the Pikesville Rye leaves a lingering spiciness. While we’re fond of the Pikesville Rye in Maryland, any rye will work in the Bearcat — as long as it has the spicy character to stand up against the Ancho Reyes, Cynar, and mezcal.

“Watch out boy. She’ll chew you up.”



Add all  ingredients (except the mescal and garnish) to the mixing glass. Add ice and stir. Rinse your cocktail glass with mezcal. Express orange oils into the cocktail glass and rub orange oils over the rim. Strain ingredients into your cocktail glass. Garnish, and enjoy.

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