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The Lady Detective

After a late night stakeout it’s not uncommon for a dame to let her hair down and knock back a proper cocktail before ending the night at the downtown flop house. It’s no mystery that rum pairs well with coconut, ginger, lime and mint. If you weren’t aware, well I guess the jig is up now.


Add the rum to your shaker tin and lightly muddle 6–8 mint leaves. Add the lime juice, ginger syrup and shake with ice. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top the cocktail with a thin layer of coconut foam. Add four drops of Bittercube Bolivar Bitters in a circlular pattern and then drag a toothpick through the drops to create a nice design.

4 Notes on The Lady Detective

    • Alex,
      Sorry, I need to update the page for this recipe. It took my awhile to master this cocktail. I’m going to let you in on the secret. I shake the cocktail with egg white, this creates a nice layer of foam. I then whip heavy cream with a little coconut cream to taste, then lay that on top of the egg white. This creates a nice separation between the lime juice and the cream but allowing them to play so nicely together. You can also brulee a little shaved coconut on top too. I hope this helps. People go nuts over this cocktail when I make it. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to make though.

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