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— No. 127 —

Red Bell Pepper Infused Rum

Bell Pepper Infused Rum

It never hurts to think ahead. Warmer months are just around the corner. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably had your fair share of bourbon. Not that bourbon will ever be replaced, but it’s about time to start thinking rum drinks. This red bell pepper infused rum is quite possibly the easiest and one of the most rewarding infusions you can make. It’ll only take 24 hours to infuse and the result is a culinary epiphany that’ll have your guests pleasantly surprised. Recipe …

— No. 125 —

Absente Video

Are the in-laws coming over to your place for a little holiday get together? The North Star is the perfect way to turn an awkward holiday party around, loosening everyone up and getting the vibe a bit more festive. The North Star is a cocktail I came up with for Crillon Importer’s product Absente, Absinthe Refined. As you may already be aware absinthe and cream go together nicely. The kirschwasser adds a cherry note to this cocktail and of course …

— No. 121 —



Halloween is just around the corner, so what better liquor to feature than Strega (Italian for witch). Legend has it that the town of Benevento, where Strega has been made since 1860, was the meeting ground of all the witches of the world. I keep picturing a gaggle of witches sitting around a bubbling cauldron, cackling and stirring the 70 ghoulish ingredients that make up this liquor. Beyond the connection to Halloween, You’ve got to love the tradition. Today Strega is …

— No. 120 —



Suze Gentiane Liqueur is a bitter aperitif that’s been produced in France since 1889. Although, I did hear this latest recipe has been toned down a bit for the modern consumer. It’s creator, Fernand Moureaux, centered this liqueur around the flavor from yellow gentian root. The wild gentian is harvested from the mountains of the Jura and Auvergne regians. Gentian root is the main ingredient in bitters and is the main culprit for the bitter properties. Other notable flavors are vanilla and …

— No. 118 —



Zucca’s bittersweet flavor profile is somewhere between Campari and Amaro with a highlight of smokey, earthy, wood tones. So consider this when you are coming up with cocktail recipes to utilize this liqueur in. When sipping you may detect the flavors of gentian, cardamom, vanilla, smoke and a hint of citrus.