Featured Issues

— No. 139 —

Willett Distillery

I recently had the experience of following around the distiller of my favorite distillery with my buddies and some camera equipment. We were there when the distiller opened the doors until he packed it up for the day. Willett was nice enough to give us free rein of the grounds and we got to witness each nuance of the process.

— No. 136 —

Aperol Falernum


A while back I saw an article in “Art Culinaire Magazine” with a few Aperol cocktails and an Aperol falernum recipe. The recipe came from Jane Lopez, Beverage Director at The Catbird Seat, in Nashville, Tennessee. I thought this was a great idea and decided to make my own twist. I used my go to falernum recipe as a starting point, but omitted the fresh juice to help prolong the liqueur’s shelf life. I also cut back on the cloves because my original …

— No. 133 —

Grapefruit Hop Syrup

Simple Syrups

Inspired by my recent hobby of home brewing, I created a unique grapefruit hop syrup to experiment with. IPAs that have a strong grapefruit palette are my favorite. I’ve found that cascade and amarillo hops have a nice grapefruit and citrus profile to them and I wanted to try this flavor combination in cocktail recipes.