Issue No. 139 —

Willett Distillery

I recently had the experience of following around the distiller of my favorite distillery with my buddies and some camera equipment. We were there when the distiller opened the doors until he packed it up for the day. Willett was nice enough to give us free rein of the grounds and we got to witness each nuance of the process. To top it all off we sat down with Drew, the master distiller, and got the lowdown on what Willett is all about.

If you’re looking for a good whiskey Old Bardstown will surprise you at its price point. It’s also really good for cocktails. I absolutely love their Family Reserve product line if you’re looking for something to sip.… that is if you can find a bottle. If you do buy as many as you can.

Special thanks goes out to Clean Cuts, Cerebral Lounge and Hardly Square for helping produce this video.


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