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Bittercube Bitters

This summer I went out west on a cocktail tour, which included Seattle and Portland. I was sitting at the Tavern Law in Seattle and across the way I saw a guy that looked like one of the producers of Bittercube Bitters. I’ve always been a fan of this company. Their unique bitters are quality and their events are always intriguing. Unfortunately, I do not live anywhere near Milwaukee. Nick is a distinct character, so I moved down a couple of barstools and introduced myself. We hit it off and went out on the town in Seattle and had a blast. I’m envious of this small company and strive to one day be a producer of such fine bitters. People always ask me for my bitters, but I usually only have a small amount for myself. So I’m pointing you in their direction. I strongly advise you to give my friends at Bittercube a try!

Bittercube was founded by Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz in 2009. The duo formulated, tweaked and developed the lineup that is now the six varieties of Bittercube Bitters. Bittercube began macerating larger batches of bitters in July of 2010, and now has distribution and wholesale accounts around the country.

Bittercube’s Full Line of Bitters

  1. Cherry Bark Vanilla: Wild cherry bark, Madagascar vanilla, cocoa, and Syrian cherry pits. I’m loving these bitters in a Manhattan!
  2. Orange: Caramelized orange, toasted coriander, and toasted cardamom. Orange bitters are a staple for classic cocktails. Try them in an Old fashioned or a Martinez.
  3. Blackstrap: Molasses, sassafras, sarsaparilla, and ceylon cinnamon. Heavy cinnamon flavor, perfect for fall cocktails. These bitters are also very thick because of the addition of molasses, making them sit perfectly on top of egg white cocktails.
  4. Bolivar: Cassia, jasmine, camomile, dried fruits and three types of spirits in the base. This is a very versatile bitters that would work well with rum, gin, and whiskey cocktails. This recipe dates back to the 19th century so utilize them with old classics.
  5. Jamaican #2: Grapefruit, hibiscus, and island spices. These bright grapefruit bitters go well with rum cocktails – Daiquiri’s, Punches, and Mojitos. I also use these bitters in this cocktail called the Bitter End.
  6. Jamaican #1: Allspice, ginger, black pepper. These bitters work well with rum! Try them in your dark and stormy.

Seasonal limited edition

7. Barrel Aged Blood Orange: Moro Blood Orange, Caraway, Black Cardamom, and aged in a used whiskey barrel for two months. I love barrel aged anything! These bitters are a huge hit and I can’t wait to try them in new cocktail creations.

8. Lemon Tree: Meyer Lemon, Juniper, Thai Ginger. These bitters have gin written all over them. Try them in your favorite gin recipes or even in a simple gin and tonic.

You can buy these bitters at Cocktail Kingdom.

3 Notes on Bittercube Bitters

  1. Does your bitters contain alcohol? I own a wine/Spirits store and would like to add your products but it must contain alcohol in order for me to sell it.

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