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Faretti Biscotti Famosi

Farretti Biscotti Famosi liqueur is made in the Trentino region of Northern Italy where they still bake their biscotti cookies in rustic brick ovens. Sounds like a hidden part of heaven I’ve yet to find.

Just like the traditional twice baked cookie, this liqueur’s recipe is based off of nuts, anise, citrus and caramel. The base is of vodka and it is sweetened with beet sugar. I’m not sure how this liqueur is crafted because there isn’t much on the web, but it genuinely tastes like liquid biscotti.

If you are a pastry chef or a barista this bottle needs to be on your radar. However, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy Faretti. If you like biscotti with your coffee, but don’t always have a batch handy, try adding an ounce or two to your coffee for a fix with a kick.

Sells for under $30 a bottle and is a wonderful holiday gift idea.

Mamma Faretti

This cocktail is made using Faretti Biscotti Famosi.

  • 1 1/2 oz espresso (doesn’t need to be chilled)
  • 1 oz of Faretti Biscotti Famosi
  • 3/4 oz lemon infused vodka

Add all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice. Shake and strain in to a chilled cocktail glass. There are plenty of excellent garnishing opportunities with this. I prefer one of the following:

  • shaved dark chocolate or espresso bean
  • grated nutmeg
  • brown or turbinado sugar rim

14 Notes on Faretti Biscotti Famosi

  1. I have a bottle of this and some people are turned off by the anise flavor. It wouldn’t be a traditional Italian cookie flavor if it didn’t have anise though. It reminds me of us waking up to grandma’s anise flavored pitzels and fritelli. Best breakfast a kid could ask for.

  2. Glad you have fond memories of waking up to the smells of Grandma’s kitchen. Why haven’t I received a bottle of this liqueur as a gift from you or your brother yet?
    If I had grandchildren I could be making memories for them. Just saying!!!
    Love you a bunch!!

  3. what city is the Biscotti made in and do they do tours, going to Northern Italy in Sept and would love to visit factory,city,etc Thanks, H. Leach

  4. I recently was diagnosed with Celiac disease, which means I cannot have any gluten. I was trying to find out if Faretti Biscotti Famosi has gluten or is it gluten free.

    • Hey Paul — I tried to do some digging and also reached out to the Faretti Biscotti Famosi distributors for an answer to your question. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back. I would err on the side of caution and bet that it isn’t gluten-free. If I find out anything different, I will let you know!

    • No scientific basis for my response. I’m celiac, this past Saturday had a confirmed gluten free day. Capped off dinner with 2 glasses of this wonderful liquor — had the worst digestive night ever. Must have gobs of gluten.

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